Do you have a child who is showing an interest in music lessons?

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Are you looking for a qualified teacher who is able to help your child learn the importance of learning music theory and proper technique?

  • I have obtained the following credentials from the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto:
  • Elementary Specialist - Piano
  • History Level 9
  • Theory Level 9
  • Harmony Level 9

Are you worried that with online courses you will not have a personal follow up?

Rest assured, these questions are all EXACTLY what makes my courses so UNIQUE!!

  • Even though the courses are pre-recorded, each lecture has the comments option enabled - so when you have a question, you simply put it in the comments box and I will answer!! I am always there to help you in real-time!!


  • PLUS you can always send me a private email with your questions if you are not comfortable leaving them in the comments box - either way, I am ALWAYS here to help you!

I have been teaching piano, theory and voice for over 20 years now and I take pride in knowing that my students are learning properly. I strongly believe that in order to truly be a good and versatile musician, proper technique and theory are number ONE!

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"Ms April is the most enthusiastic, patient and genuinely talented music teacher you could hope for. There are few people in this world who truly find their calling, but she is one of them. So grateful for the years my son got to spend as her student." - Lisa B

"He still thinks you can see him during his lessons, and really likes learning from you! We have enjoyed sharing the love of music with him." - Kathleen